Should you have a website...YUP!

Websites for Authors

Digitalization has conquered the world gracefully and influenced every sphere of life. The literary world is one such sphere which has been highly influenced by digitalization as well.

People are more into online stories or audio books that are easily available over the internet with a click. This has considerably taken them away from the world of books and so from you. But digitalization itself can help you regain your author-reader bond.

Your readers are active participants of the digital world and trusts its opinions about everything they want to read. How can this practice help you gain? A website does the work. As an author, a website would help you establish a platform where your readers could reach out to your books and know about you as an author. Independent authors often face the issues of identity and trust, although their books convey great fictional or non-fictional plots. Your website creates your identity for the world to know about you and read your books. It gives them a space to explore your work and acquaint with your style and genre.

We help you create a website which would be your very own space to regain your bond with the readers. Our vision is to help independent authors like you gain readership for your amazing works and help you increase your consumer reach.

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