Sales Funnels

Why do You Need a Perfect Sales Funnel for Your Author Website?

What is a sales funnel? A funnel that gets you sales. Okay, that was weird. As an author, you’re probably wondering what a sales funnel would do with your books and how does it even connect to your work. It’s obvious that as an author, you might not be aware of the strategies that exist in the marketing world. The idea of a sales funnel would probably fit there, but then again, we used it here and so we take the responsibility to take you through it.

A sales funnel has five basic levels to pass, namely awareness, interest, decision, purchase and loyalty. As an author, you would want avid readers to know about you, follow you as an author and how interest in your works, decide you as one of their favorite authors, purchase your books and stay with you as a loyal reader. Hence, your thought process as an author usually builds up a sales funnel for your work. But, you need to integrate it with your online ventures. A sales funnel integrated website would help you gain readers who love to read books that may or may not vary from the genre of their choice. It helps you to know what your readers want you to do for them so they can stay with you and take an interest in your work.

A sales funnel is just the process in which you increase your readership through your website. We help you with websites that integrate with sales funnel strategies and guide you on how to follow these strategies to achieve your desired success.

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