Facebook Ad Mistakes #2: Poor Audience Targeting

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

In marketing, audience targeting plays a crucial role. It is something that can make or break the whole ad campaign. No matter whether you are marketing your business through Facebook ads, PPC ads, Bing ads, or any other, you want to make sure that your business gets visible to the right audience. Targeting the wrong audience means the wastage of time, money, and efforts.

You may have created an appealing image/video content, catchy title, and engaging description, but when your ad does not get visible to the right audience type, all these are not worth it.

Why is audience targeting important, especially on Facebook?

Targeting the right audience will not just boost the engagement with your ad, but it will also help you achieve your Facebook ad campaign goals. The reason why audience targeting is essential, especially for Facebook, is because people don’t visit Facebook with the intent to purchase something. They simply visit it for socializing with their friends/relatives and consuming content.

In this situation, when your ad gets visible to random people, they are very less likely to click on your CTA. By targeting the right audience, your ads will be visible to people with high buying intent.

On the other hand, when we talk about Google Adwords, the scenario is quite different. In Google Ads, by selecting the keywords that meet your end goal, you can show your ads to people with high buying intent.

Amazing Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

As we have seen, poor audience targeting can lead to a waste of time and money; this is when the importance of implementing the right strategies comes in. There are different ways you can improve your FB ads audience targeting. Here are some of the effective strategies:

Tap into recent purchasing behavior

Facebook has a lot of data about its users. It has access to trillions of data transactions each year. With the help of Facebook data, advertisers can target beyond their own CRM databases. Depending on the business you are into, Facebook allows targeting the audience based on the purchasing behavior.

Custom audience

A custom audience is another great way to enhance your Facebook marketing campaign. This advanced feature allows you to connect with your existing contacts. When your existing contacts find you on their favorite social media platform, it builds the brand. You can create a custom audience by uploading your customers’ phone list or email subscribers’ list.

Lookalike audience

Once you add a custom audience, it is good to expand that custom audience to a lookalike audience. You may have a limited number of subscribers or phone numbers on your list, but using a lookalike audience feature, you can expand the audience beyond your reach. Even if you don’t have a subscriber or phone list, you can still make a lookalike audience using a Facebook website tracking pixel.

Final Thoughts

The success or failure of any Facebook advertising campaign is largely based on the target audience. Poor audience targeting will result in zero conversions/sales. To avoid this Facebook advertising mistake, you can implement the strategies mentioned above.

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