Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Pinterest and Readership for Independent Authors

Pinterest is one of the best platforms used for creating awareness in the digital era. But what is so appealing about it? It's a graphics and an information hub for everything.

If you’ve even taken a tour of Pinterest, you would know the diversity that exists there. Whether you’re searching about marketing strategies or songs to listen to when traveling or the best dress designers in the country, you would find everything. What’s more interesting is that you can create your pins that people would follow and save for using them as a reference.

So why should you join Pinterest as an author?

Your readers are fond of the pretty-looking Pin Graphic app that practically gives them a tour of the world. It’s one of the best marketing tools for you to use as a self-published author because it helps you to explore more, allowing scope for extensive creativity.

Graphics is another aspect of Pinterest that is just what you need to create the best pins and share them across. There’s no rigid rule for the graphics you should create, but why not try with micro-tales? Yeah. That gives your readers a reason to follow you besides looking for the various cover designs of your books.

We aid you to develop a Pinterest profile that would help you create your awareness as an author. This helps you to increase your readership and helps you achieve popularity by mastering the various Pins that your readers would love to save. Willing to start now? Visit us at DIY Writer.

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