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How Author Profiles in Instagram can Increase Readerships

Do you have an Instagram profile? Not yet? Create one now!

Instagram has gained greater popularity than Facebook, yet both are owned by the same source. However, the trendy, exotic and stylish appearance of the social media platform with its various features appeals to the young masses. They prefer the picturesque appearance of the platform where double tapping shares love.

Why should you have an Author Profile on Instagram?

An Instagram author profile allows you to reach the greater audience, who are more likely to take an interest in your work. High school students, who are a large percentage of the incredible mass of readers, are more active on Instagram than Facebook. Also, it helps you to know the interests of your followers as you can easily find out the profiles they follow. It gives you an insight into the readers’ perception about various social, political or philosophical issues which helps you to predict the potential reactions of the readers towards your books.

But there’s more. Connecting, bonding, and creating everlasting friendships with readers is a monumental achievement which you can achieve through Instagram. You can also link your Instagram profile with your website and Facebook profile to give your readers an insight about yourself.

We help you build one of the best and appealing author profiles in Instagram and take you through various Instagram marketing strategies that would help you achieve more as an author. Interested? Turn to DIY Writer.

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