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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Social Media Ads for Your Books

Books. We hardly observe people nowadays with a book in their hands which they wish to read while traveling. We hardly observe people hiding their novels between their notebooks with that urge to find what happens at the end of the book. We hardly observe people talking about their favorite authors and arguing over who is better than the other.

Technology has taken all of us away from the world of novels, stories and dramas, from the world of books where the author and the reader connects through the words printed on the pages, taking in the books smell and turning through the rough yet delicate pages. This has led to independent authors being highly unacknowledged for the beautiful stories they write. And if you’re one such author, we have something for you.

Social media platforms such as Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and several others engage your readers greatly. They read short posts, stories written by their friends, follow pages and yet remain away from the books, though unconsciously. We found you a way to reach out to your readers over social media. Facebook ads or Instagram ads about your books, a visual of your story’s plot, and ads about your thrilling works are just the trick. It makes them aware about authors like you and piques their interest to know about your work.

We help you create the best social media ads that would take your independent authorship to great levels of success with increasing readership of your books. To know more about social media advertising strategies for authors, visit us at DIY Writer. We believe in you and so would the world.

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