Facebook Ad Mistakes #3: Not Monitoring Ads Consistently

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Another Facebook advertising mistake marketers often make is not monitoring ad campaigns consistently. What they do is run their Facebook ad campaigns with a “set it and forget it” mindset. To ensure the success of your ad, it is so important to monitor it consistently.

Most marketers think once they have set their ad campaign and once it goes live, there will be nothing to do from their part. When you set up the ad campaign and let it run on its own, the effectiveness will start to decline as time passes.

Even your successful ad campaign can start showing poor results due to this. The term is used to describe is Facebook ad fatigue.

What is Facebook ad fatigue?

Has any of your successful Facebook ad campaigns started showing ineffectiveness and delivering poor results? If yes, ad fatigue could be the reason.

Ad fatigue is an issue that can affect even the successful Facebook advertising campaigns. Now, your question could be, how this occurs? Ad fatigue happens when the campaign’s frequency gets too high. Too high frequency means your target audience is seeing the same ad again and again.

This is the reason why Facebook advertising is not a one-time process. It is not something you can set up once and leave. To get the best out of the campaign, you need to manage it consistently.

Ways to Deal with Facebook Ad Fatigue

If your most successful ad campaign got affected due to ad fatigue, here are some effective ways to deal with it:

Pause ads with high frequency

As we know, ad fatigue occurs when due to high frequency. Hence, when your ad campaign reaches a high frequency, you need to pause it. There are various tools using which you can automate the process, meaning your ads will be paused automatically when it has a high frequency.

Update audiences and ads

Pausing the ads will not help you generate the leads. So, the next you need to do is update your audiences and ad creatives. For ad creative, you can change the image background color, change headlines, use a new image, etc. For audiences, you can create a lookalike audience based on conversions, create new audiences based on behavior, and also create a lookalike audience based on your CRM database.

Exclude people that already engaged with your ad

How about excluding audiences that already purchased from you or already engaged with your brand? This will not just avoid ad fatigue; this will also somewhat reduce the ad spent. You can exclude your website traffic audiences, app audiences, audiences that engaged with your page, or you can even upload custom audiences.

Limit ad deliverability

Facebook also allows advertisers to run only on certain days and even at specific times. This feature can be used for dealing with ad fatigue.

Final Thoughts

Advertisers often make different mistakes when running an FB ad campaign. One of those mistakes is not managing the ad consistently. In order to generate leads/sales at the minimum ad spent, it will be essential to manage your ad campaign.

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