Facebook Ad Mistakes #5: Mis-Matched Facebook Lookalike Audiences

When it comes to expanding the reach of a Facebook ad campaign, lookalike audiences play an essential role. The chances are you might be using no lookalike audiences or poorly matched lookalike audiences.

What is a Lookalike Audience?

A lookalike audience is the target audience based on the custom audience. It is the best way to expand any Facebook ad campaign’s reach. Using the Facebook pixel, you can create a custom audience, and that custom audience can be used for creating lookalike audiences.

Apart from website visitors, custom audiences also include email list subscribers, phone number lists, and Facebook users who are engaged with your page.

A lookalike audience is the targeting option by Facebook, which goes beyond the basic interest. It helps to find new customers/leads for your business. When you create a lookalike audience, Facebook finds users with similar interests and likes to the custom audience.

Before creating a lookalike audience, the critical thing to keep in mind is using the right source audience. Using the wrong custom audience, the created lookalike audience won’t be much powerful.

Benefits of Facebook Lookalike Audiences

A Facebook lookalike audience is a great way to reach new users with similar interests and likes. Here are some benefits of using lookalike audiences on Facebook:

● The flexibility of audience size

● Create audiences from different sources

● Improve the results of your ad campaigns

● Performance monitoring

● Maintain conversion rates

● Improve the ROI of your ads

Ways to Build Facebook Lookalike Audiences

To expand your targeting, there are different ways you can build Facebook lookalike audiences. Here are some best ways:

Email list lookalike audiences

Setting up an email list lookalike audience is the best way to expand your Facebook marketing campaign. The main reason why marketers focus on building an email list is that it can help in so many ways. By collecting your customers' email list, you can engage with them, send deals & offers, and expand the campaign’s reach with the right audience. You just need to upload the email list and create a lookalike audience.

Conversion lookalike audiences

This is another excellent way to expand your Facebook advertising reach. For this, you need to set up and install conversion tracking. Conversion here means the people who have completed a specific conversion event. By creating lookalike audiences for conversions, you can find a new target audience and broaden your reach.

Page lookalike audiences

Under this, you can expand your Facebook ad campaign's reach based on fans of your Facebook page. In this method of building lookalike audiences, you are not required to go through lengthy steps. It is relatively easier as compared to the other two we have discussed above. If your FB page is big and so many users engage with your posts, it is a good idea to create a page likes a lookalike audience.

Final Thoughts

If you are not using Facebook lookalike audiences, then you should. It is the fastest way to increase the audience size of your campaign. Make sure you use the high-quality source audience to get the best results.

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