74: The Immortalization of a Husband with Sahara Foley

Sahara has such a cool story. On this episode of the DIY Writer Podcast, she shares her story of amazing love and commitment to seeing her husband's dream come true through publishing his works.

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Sahara Foley was born with a lust for the written word. Even at a young age, she could be found with her nose buried in her favorite books. Still, she never had the inclination to pen her own tales.

Then she met her life-partner, Bob. They did everything together, fishing, camping, gardening. They even owned a small farmstead for a while. And they both loved reading. In Bob's case, he also loved writing. Yes, he was the writer of the family.

Many nights Sahara came home from work and read the latest words he'd written that day. She fell in love with his stories and characters. One year, he made birthday cards from each of the characters from his Excalibur Series.

Sahara convinced Bob to try publishing his stories. But in the late 1980's, the only way to get a book published was through traditional publishers. Alas, they never heard back from any, so Bob gave up his writing.

After thirty years of being each other's other half, Bob left this world. Sucked into a void of grief, not knowing how to fill the hole left in her soul, Sahara remembered the cardboard box of handwritten manuscripts shoved away in a closet. She brought them back out into the light, and all those long-forgotten characters became her salvation. She gave them new life, and in the process, they saved her.

So, even though Bob has passed on, they are still partners in publishing his amazing stories. Sahara hopes you enjoy them.

Connect with Sahara at: https://nornstriad.com/authors/sahara-foley/











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