5 Benefits of having a Facebook Author Profile

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

If digital marketing is one of the best ways to attract consumers for business, we state five best benefits to have readers with a Facebook author profile.

Why do you need to have a Facebook profile as an author?

The first question that probably rises on your mind. People need to recognize you as an author and they can’t do so until you tell them. Since your readers are more active on Facebook and loves to connect with people, you would find it rather easy to connect with your readers and network. It helps you to build your image as an author before your readers and Facebook has made it more creative and fun with their ever-updating versions.

Benefits of a Facebook Author Profile

So how can you exactly benefit from your profile as an author? Here goes the list:

1. It helps you to build a personal bond with each of your readers which would enlighten you about the preferences of your readers, their feedbacks on your works and a place to thank them personally for reading your books.

2. You can keep your readers updated about your upcoming books through posts while giving them a hint of what it would be that increases their curiosity.

3. A picture of your book’s cover page and they’ll know that you’re an author who values his or her readers.

4. You can have unlimited followers and in turn know how much your readers like your works.

5. Intensify the author-reader bond by exchanging views on various philosophical ideas and plots over a conversational post.

Need Help?

We’re there to help you with every scope you need as a self-published author. If you need more insight on creating a Facebook profile as an author, visit us at DIY Writer.

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